Initiating Reciprocity and Rapport

Paul Berkman, a Boomer and former hedge fund founder and manager, transitioned his career to financial advisor at AXA very successfully over five years ago. He became a convert to the cross- generational team approach when the inexperienced Millennials in his branch office started looking to him for advice and to meet with prospective clients together, as he added gravity and experience— and looked the part. If trusted advisor. He and Millennial Andrew Gilman became an informal team. They discovered that their preferred roles and functions complemented each other. Andrew is energized and likes prospecting; Paul doesn’t like spending time on that. Paul said, “It’s been fun for me, as well as paying off in a business sense. I enjoy being a teacher/mentor.” Andrew added, “We have the young and hungry element as well as the experienced trustworthy fused together.” They both said, “It’s been a great experience—made a lot of money!”