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“Phyllis has done us all a great service. She was one of the first to talk about the looming challenges of working in a multigenerational workforce. She’s taken her experience, knowledge and wisdom and put them into a practical, easy to read source book for anyone working with multiple generations.
Whether you are an HR exec, organizational development consultant, manager or employee, this book will provide the skills and tools to navigate the challenges of today’s workforce. It will help you create alignment, engagement and productivity where there was conflict and dissonance. Go buy this book! Now!”

Stewart Levine, Esq., author of Getting to Resolution, Collaboration 2.0, and e Book of Agreement

“Phyllis Weiss Haserot has addressed one of the most important issues of our time: How to create personal relationships with all the generations you must work with. It is also particularly useful for military officer and the transitioners we work with. Kudos for creating a meaningful, cross- generational, and personal relationship conversation.”

— Carole Hyatt, multi-book best-selling author and founder of Mission: Getting to Next

“You Can’t Google It! takes you on a journey to explain the business case for cross-generational communication, strategy and collaboration with specific prescribed action steps at the conclusion of each chapter. Haserot distills the often confusing task of understanding cross-generational work issues in a way that will reward firm leaders at all levels who seek to inject positive energy into their firm’s culture. I recommend it to leaders... of every age.”

— Patrick J. McKenna, internationally recognized author, lecturer, strategist, and seasoned advisor to the leaders of premier law firms

“I’m really excited about the release of this book! Phyllis calls us to go beyond the ‘general discourse’ about generational disconnects into using meaningful cross-generational conversation to solve the mounting challenges and changes in the world of work. We need to continue to create opportunities for open dialogue (without judgment), and this book delivers!”

— Jane Hyun, Global Leadership Strategist, co-author of Flex: The New Playbook for Managing across Differences and author of Breaking the Bamboo Ceiling

“Phyllis has worked tirelessly for over a dozen years to identify the opportunities that exist for businesses and organizations that embrace the many generations currently in the workplace. She is now offering all of us practical ways to create meaningful cross-generational conversations that address both individual and organizational needs. Her positive focus on the benefits of creating these conversations is motivating to those who seek to advance organizational priorities through individual excellence.”

— Mary George Opperman, Vice President and multi-award- winning Chief Human Resources Officer, Cornell University

You Can’t Google It! is for all looking to master the art of conversation across generations in their internal and external work relationships and understand others’ perspectives formed by the economic, social, political and cultural influences and personal experiences that combine to define the generations. And it doesn’t dwell on differences.

With her new book, Phyllis Weiss Haserot, a trailblazer in the area of intergenerational relations, explores new territory on the emotional as well as practical sides of the challenges. She lays out in convincing detail the business case for promoting cross-generational conversation at work for more productive, engaging, and profitable, and less stressful work environments, and provides loads of action steps to guide you.
Written in her excellent and conversational style, I highly recommend you grab copies for yourself and your colleagues of all generations to benefit from.”

— Andrea R. Nierenberg, Executive Coach, Networking Strategist, author of Million Dollar Networking and four more books on networking

“In an age when everyone seems to be talking about how to manage Millennials in the workplace, it is so refreshing to see a book finally arrive that gets to the real root of the ‘problem.’ More importantly, it provides us with truly meaningful solutions. Of all the great things about this book, what I love most is that Haserot treats generations not as abstract demographic categories but of groups of living, breathing human beings. This book is full of warmth, humor, and practicality.”

— Michael Schein, CEO, MicroFame Media

“To succeed at work, you have to communicate effectively. But too many professionals have a blind spot when it comes to cross-generational communication. Phyllis Weiss Haserot’s new book provides a powerful antidote. With her guidance, you’ll be more attuned to others and your own message will be heard, loud and clear.”

— Dorie Clark, author of Reinventing You and Stand Out, and adjunct professor, Duke University’s Fuqua School of Business

“What a timely subject! In these days when longevity is having profound effects on our society, in You Can’t Google It! Haserot demystifies the innate traits that different generations bring with them into the workplace. Today, when it is no longer an anomaly to have four generations living and working side by side, this book gives you a step-by-step guide on how to realize the benefits that can arise when generations understand and interact with each other. With this ground-breaking work, Haserot propels us from the past into the future. A must-read for anyone who is working with multi-generational groups of people.”

— Alice Fisher, founder of TheRadicalAgeMovement

“You Can’t Google It! Is a profound, much-needed and timely road map for professional success. Phyllis Weiss Haserot cogently makes the case—and provides guidelines—for enhancing the work environment through, among many elements, real conversations in real time among real colleagues. It’s a must-read for today’s business community.”

— Sue Rodin, founder and Chair Emerita, Women in Sports and Events (WISE) and President, Stars and Strategies, Inc.

“In a world where digital communication has become the preferred way for multiple generations to share information, Phyllis Weiss Haserot presents the case for the power of in-person conversations. Haserot shares a viable solution to today’s workplace dilemma of engaging a millennial workforce with others, and shows us the benefits of a multigenerational workforce that collaborates, creating a productive work environment.”

— Leslie Grossman, author of LINK OUT; Chair, Vistage International; faculty, George Washington University Center for Excellence in Public Leadership

“Finally! THIS is the guidebook we’ve been waiting for. In the pages of You Can’t Google It! Phyllis Weiss Haserot lays before us the best practices for developing better cross-generational communication and engagement. From multi-generational team interviews and years of experience, the author shares her findings in an easy to read, no nonsense style. Pick up a copy for every people manager and for young workers in your organization who want to understand older workers’ perspectives on how to succeed.”

— Brad Szollose, award-winning author of Liquid Leadership, learning and development trainer, keynote speaker

“Haserot offers a blueprint for managing today’s cross-generational workplace that is practical and actionable. You Can’t Google It! is a metaphor for employee conversation and engagement. It is a must read for managers who are developing the next generation of leaders.”

— Valisha Graves, technology executive, Wall Street Investment Bank

“In our increasingly fast-connected global economy, work has become very complex, especially as wider ranges of ages are present—as our colleagues, clients and customers. Phyllis Weiss Haserot, with her depth of experience dealing with intergenerational teams and challenging issues, shares compelling strategies and practical tips to help us co- create engaging, less stressful, more productive—and ultimately more profitable work environments.”

— David Shriner-Cahn, host of the podcast Smashing the Plateau, and President, TEND Strategic Partners

“The #1 factor that wears down resilience at work is dealing with friction among people. Whatever generation you identify with, You Can’t Google It!, a ‘go to’ handbook, will show you how to resolve the cross-generational challenges that cause frustration and interfere with work outcomes. Phyllis Weiss Haserot is a seasoned observer who brings both wisdom and fresh ideas. Her ‘cross-generational conversation’ strategies and workshops will generate culture change and new revenue opportunities in your organization.”

— Sharon Melnick, Ph.D., author of Success under Stress

“The need for effective cross-generational conversation is not only important at work, but it’s also important to master to land work. Job seekers of all ages interview with hiring managers of a different generation than their own. To gain more success in interviews, job seekers of all generations need to use this book to prepare for interviews to get to know and understand each other and bridge the connection on an interview to land the offer. Gaining an understanding of cross-generational conversation and empathy is a key to staying professionally relevant in the workforce.”

— Lisa Rangel, Chameleonresumes.com

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