MIA: Searching for Talent, CHROs Find These Skills Missing

by Phyllis Weiss Haserot

Research by Korn Ferry polled Chief Human Resource Officers (CHROs) about skills they find most lacking when they search for HR talent. The responses were primarily the kinds of things taught in business school curriculums. But the most interesting was their response to what competencies are most important to operate in their ever-changing environment. Fifty-two percent cited “tolerance for ambiguity,” the most common response.

Unfortunately, that’s a trait many Millennials lack, probably largely attributed to the high degree of structure and protection many of them have had in their lives.

What have you observed about Millennials and tolerance for ambiguity? Has that surfaced as a problem? Should we expect the same from Gen Z? And if so, as mentors, coaches, managers and parents, since tolerance for ambiguity is a trait or skill to be developed early, how should it be taught?

Please share your thoughts on this and other skills lacking.